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Maharishi Bhrigu FoundationParam Pujya Gurudeva Maharshi Bhrigu
 महर्षीणां भृगुरहं गिरामस्म्येकमक्षरम् ! 
यज्ञानां जपयज्ञोस्मि स्थावराणां हिमालयः !!
Maharsheenaam Bhriguraham Giraamasmyekamaksharam
Yajnaanaamjapayajnosmi Sthaavaraan Himaalayah 
(Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, 10/25)
I am Bhrgu amongst the Maharishis, Sacred AUM amongst the words;
Japayajna amongst the Yajnas and the Himalayas amongst the immovables.
 Maharshi Bhrigu is one of the brightest and most illumined among the ten great sons of the Brahma – the God of creation. He is a famous Vedic Seer and many vedic hymns are attributed to him. He has played a vital role in the compilation of “Atharva Veda”. Since the very beginning, he has been engaged in the welfare of humanity through his famous book “Bhrigu Samhita”, which is scattered in many parts of Bharat. He has inspired people down the millennia and has led generations of men to peace, health and happiness. He has always showered the seekers with his blessings and has given suitable and effective solutions to their problems and has, thus, alleviated their sufferings. He is known as one of the Prajapatis – the Proginators of humanity – and has been extolled as the Being of Light and Knowledge in the sacred books. It is said that he, even in the present times, reveals his Divine Form to the devout and imparts the sacred knowledge.
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Maharshi Bhrigu Foundation

With the Grace of Gurudeva Maharshi Bhrigu, Maharshi Bhrigu Foundation was established on the auspicious day of AKSHAYA TRITEEYA and Bhagwan Parshurama Jayanti in the Vikrami Samvat 2070 i.e. 13th of May, 2013, on the banks of Holy Ganga in Haridwar to spread Vedic Culture for the promotion of global Peace, Harmony, Prosperity, Happiness, Compassion and Love through a life imbued with Spirituality, Seva - Selfless-Service and Samskaras - Moral Values for the transformation of one and all.
Maharshi Bhrigu Foundation is a Non-Profit Spiritual and educational organization which draws its inspiration from the ancient Rishi Tradition of Bharat and which has its roots in the Vedas and is inspired from the noble ideas of SARVE BHAVANTU SUKHINAH – May all be happy and prosperous, –   SARVABHOOTAHITE RATAH - In The Service of One and all and VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM – The world as one family and it intends to re-search the Ancient Bharatian Knowledge and re-establish the Rishi Tradition in modern scientific context.
The Vedas inform us that the ultimate destiny of every Individual Soul is Self realization and Maharshi Bhrigu Foundation endeavours to assist spiritual seekers to achieve their highest potential in the form of Self- realization, which, in fact, is a Journey to Super-consciousness – A Journey Within.

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Bhrigu Vaagyoga

Anaadinidhanam brahma shabdatattvam yadaksharam !
Vivartate rthabhaavena prakriyaa jagato yatah !!
-- Vaakyapadiyam 1,1

“Brahma is the eternal shabda tattva (sound essence). From that beginningless and endless imperishable sound, Brahma transforms into the substance and existence of the world.” Manifestation of the Cosmos :- According to the Rigveda, the most ancient Vedic text, “only from speech, the whole cosmos is born” (from a Khila sukta).

Vaageva vishvaa bhuvanaani jajne vaacha it sarvamamritam yacca martyam!
Athed vaag bubhuje vaaguvacha purutraa vaacho na padam yaccha naaha!!

Similarly it states in the Bible, “in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God” (John 1.1). The first impulse of creation, is “conception”, the seed stage where all imaginable things exist in union, unmanifest, as pure potential.

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For Free Group Seminars on below topics (½-1½ hrs.) at your place(City/Town/Village), Please mail or Call us at :- Email :- bhrigufoundation@gmail.com; Mob. :- +91 9634581269,+91 9719531280
Your body is designed to move and be active. You’re meant to walk, run, bend, twist, extend, reach, jump, and squat. It’s only been in recent history that people have become more and more sedentary. Spending large portions of the day sitting not only contributes to serious health conditions, but it also robs you of energy.One of the surest and fastest ways to increase your energy is to simply get up and move. No matter what activity you choose—walking, light mobility or calisthenics,

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Fast and Festivals

Fast and Festivals of Feb, 2016

 Maagha Krishna Ashtami Fast – Feb 1st
Maagha Krishna Ekadashi Fast – Feb 4 th
Maagha Maasik Shivratri Fast – Feb 6 th
Maagha Amavasya (Somavati Amavasya) – Feb 8 th
Vasant Panchami (Maa Saraswati Jayanti) – Feb 12 th
Falgun Maas Sankranti – Feb 13 th
Ratha Saptami, Aarogya Saptami(Surya Jayanti) – Feb 14th
Maagha Shukla Ashtami Fast – Feb 15 th
Maagha Shukla Ekadashi Fast – Feb 18 th
Maaghi Purnima (Shri SatyaNarayan Fast) – Feb 22 th
Shri Ganesha Chaturthi Fast – Feb 26 th



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