Bhrigu Vaagyoga

Bhrigu Vaagyoga : the Science of Sound Consciousness
Anaadinidhanam brahman shabdatattvam yadaksharam !
Vivartate rthabhaavena prakriyaa jagato yatah !!
                                                                                                  -Vaakyapadiyam 1,1

img“Brahman is the eternal shabda tattva (sound essence). From that beginningless and endless imperishable sound, Brahman transforms into the substance and existence of the world.”

Manifestation of the Cosmos :- According to the Rigveda, the most ancient Vedic text, “only from speech, the whole cosmos is born” (from a Khila sukta).

Vaageva vishvaa bhuvanaani jajne vaacha it sarvamamritam yacca martyam!
Athed vaag bubhuje vaaguvacha purutraa vaacho na padam yaccha naaha!!

Similarly it states in the Bible, “in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God” (John 1.1).

658The first impulse of creation, is “conception”, the seed stage where all imaginable things exist in union, unmanifest, as pure potential. Here the energy cannot be separated into individual names and forms. Thus it is called Paraavaak, transcendent speech. It is also called Paraashakti, the primordial will. Quantum physicists call this the “Unified Field Theory”.

Creation occurs gradually from the subtlest to the grossest vibration, beginning with this superconscious seed sound. From here, the seed sprouts. The unified field differentiates into its first active definable expression, called celestial sound, or Pashyantivaak. From the Sanskrit root ‘Pash’ referring to sight, Pashyanti means illuminated. What was latent is now illumed as the all pervasive knowledge of pure perception. Growing progressively less subtle, yet still unperceivable to gross human sense, we reach the next level of creation, unbeaten subtle sound, or Anaahata vaak, literally meaning “unstruck speech”.

Anaahata is a pervasive vibration that is fundamental to all of nature, often referred to as naada or spanda, the pulsation of the universe. Finally we reach gross beaten sound, or Vaikhari vaak, corresponding with the moment of physical creation, referred to in modern science as the big bang”. Surely, as the barrier between energy and matter is pierced, that energy blasts forth as sound with the full force of its creative potential. The entire material universe suddenly pulses through the void expressing itself as the music of the All.

Thus Vedic philosophy, the Bible and science are aligned on our point of origin. The reference to this as a “bang” shows the appropriate relationship between sound and manifestation of scientifically perceivable, physical phenomena. Still, many people believe that light is more subtle than (beaten) sound as its vibration is faster. This is true on the gross level, yet gross light is an expression of subtle sound. Due to the level of refinement, science has great difficulty approaching anything prior to this stage of materialization. From this point onwards, though, yogic philosophy and science are very similar. After the explosion of sound, vibration slows, going from space to gases to heat, water, and finally earth.

Vaak : the Primordial Speech :- Yoga is an ancient source of deep philosophical knowledge and techniques for uniting individual consciousness with cosmic consciousness. In ancient times the primordial power was referred to as “Vaak”, the Goddess, the energy, and the creative principle of sound, or “speech”. In the Veda, the Vaak Suktam (RigVeda 10.125 also known as Devi (Goddess) Suktam), Vaak is exalted as the sound of ultimate truth and source of all creation beyond heaven and earth.

This reference to the creative source as Vaak, speech, points to a revealing correlation between sound and the fundamental energetic elements of the universe. Einstein was the first scientist in modern times to equate matter with energy. The big bang theory also demonstrates how vibration becomes dense matter. This primordial vibration, the building block of the universe, is referred to in Vaagyoga theory as speech. According to this cosmology, the very impulse of creation issues forth from the void as an utterance. Though not audible to the gross sense of hearing, this subtle speech can be perceived in deep meditation.

Based on his personal experience of awakening consciousness through the merging of gross and subtle sounds, Guruji Acharya Dr. Vaagish Shastri has done extensive research on the function of sound in the cosmos and the individual, and the history of the use of sound as a powerful yogic technique. The study of sound vibration and consciousness can light the way to a deeper understanding of how energy manifests in the physical world and the yogic process of evolving consciousness back to the source.

Manifestation of the Physical World : Subtle to Gross :- Yogic philosophy describes the material world as comprised of all that we can be made aware of, or all that can be measured through the five human senses (jnaanendriyas). With the manifestation of gross sound, space simultaneously comes into existence as the expression of that sound. Space, sometimes called ether, is the subtlest as we can only perceive it with one sense and it is also the most pervasive physical element. Now, scientifically speaking, vibration continues to slow and become more dense, the same way gas becomes liquid and then solid when it is cooled. In this way, from subtle to gross, the elements evolve. As is stated in Taittiriya Upanishad, 2.1, “from That or from This Aatman (the absolute), ether is produced, from ether air, from air fire, from fire water, from water earth”. Through this evolution, the basic elements of the sensual world are made increasingly accessible to our gross awareness.

img2As all our senses are linked with the earth element, we are tightly bound through our senses to the material (earth) world. Yet as sound is the only quality that exists throughout all the elements, we can use it as a link to draw ourselves from the most gross consciousness all the way to the most subtle and beyond. For this reason, sound is the key and vehicle for one to rise through the levels of manifestation back to the source.

The Individual as Mirror of the Cosmos :- To understand this process, we look at how the individual relates to the cosmic phenomena. The body contains all of the elements in its physical form. It is also a vehicle of perception, containing organs to receive and interpret the external elements. Within this form also exists a microcosmic universe of subtle energy, wherein the astral

body contains all of the elements. The Chakras are wheels of creation generating these elements in their ideal fundamental essences. The Chakras are like flowers on a string, a maala (flower garland), where the string is the spine. The petals are vibrating. Each petal contains the bija (seed) mantra for every sound in the matrikaa, the matrix of all creation.

Further, the human is a conscious entity producing vibration from all four levels of speech. As is stated in the Vedaantaa, “Yat Brahmaande Tat Pinde – As is in the cosmos is in our bodies”.
Chatvaari vaak parimitaa padaani 
taani vidurbraahmanhaa ye manishinhah 
Guhaa trinhi nihitaa nengayanti 
turiyam vaacho manushya vadanti


“Among those Brahmins who have purified wisdom, they know the four levels of speech. Three levels are placed hidden in the cave (full of darkness, no light of consciousness). The fourth level of speech is only common speech”. – RigVeda 1.164.45

There are many ways to attain the highest perfection of union with source. The Vaagyoga technique makes ascension accessible using subtle sound vibration, the underlying fabric of our material and spiritual existence. Becoming intimate with its subtle workings can allow us to navigate back from gross to subtle, from limited to unlimited, from unconscious to conscious.

It should also be remembered that Vaak is the primordial Shakti, the mother of the universe, both cosmic and microcosmic. She is at once our very Selves, our substance, and our source. It is truly by Her grace alone that the mysteries of the matrix are unraveled.

OM Gurudeva - OM Bhrigudeva, Shakti and Shiva !!!
OM Shantih! Shantih!! Shantih!!! – OM Peace! Peace!! Peace!!!