Bhrigu Vagyoga Kundalini Sadhana

This is a journey to Super Consciousness – A journey within. Whole universe has been evolved from the Sound. Modern scientists are still trying to find the very source of this creation, the centre of the creation, the unified field of the universe.

But our ancient enlightened sages knew it and found the very source of every creation, the unified field, not only thousands of years back but millions of years back. They found this unified field of the universe inside all of us. As is stated in the Upanishads, “Yat Brahmaande Tat Pinde – As is in the cosmos is in our bodies”. We must have subtle eyes to look inside.

So BVKS is a technique to awaken that unified field within us – A journey from Gross to Subtle. It is one of the highest form of Tantra within, to transform ourselves by dissolving all our Karmas and get enlightenment or self realization.

This is a very powerful sadhana which includes powerful breathing techniques followed by Mudras, Bandha, powerful Meditations with special Mantra(s). This is one of the fastest technique for spiritual as well as material upliftment. We can achieve several years of spiritual progress in few months by regular and appropriate practice of this technique with devotion, faith and complete surrenderness.

In this modern time, this technique is re-developed by the modern sage Guruji Acharya Dr. Vaagish Shastri, a great Sanskrit scholor, Researcher, Spiritual scientist and an enlightened yogi. With the grace of Gurudeva Maharshi Bhrigu, he established the theoretical aspect of the creation of the universe through Vaagyoga technique, which is given in Rigveda and other ancient scriptures, in hidden form. Further he revealed the practical aspect of this technique i.e. to go back to the very source of this
creation which is called Super Concious state or self realization, which he finds the hidden secret roots in Tantra.

 Bhrigu Vaagyoga Kundalini Sadhana is divided into two parts :-

(1) BVKS Level1 :– 3-4 days
         Pre-requisite :- (1) Bhrigu Shambhavi Ananda Yoga. And (2) Mantra Healing and Sadhana (Foundation)
(2) BVKS Level2 :- 4-5 days
         Pre-requisite :- (1) BVKS Level1

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