Gurudeva Maharshi Bhrigu

Maharishi Bhrigu FoundationMaharshi Bhrigu is one of the brightest and most illumined among the ten great sons of Bhagwan Brahma – the God of creation. He is a famous Vedic Seer and many vedic hymns are attributed to him. He has played a vital role in the compilation of “Atharva Veda” . Since the very beginning, he has been engaged in the welfare of humanity through his famous book “Bhrigu Samhita”, which is scattered in many parts of Bharat. He has inspired people down the millennia and has led generations of men to peace, health and happiness. He has always showered the seekers with his blessings and has given suitable and effective solutions to their problems and has, thus, alleviated their sufferings. He is known as one of the Prajapatis – the Proginators of humanity – and has been extolled as the Being of Light and Knowledge in the sacred books. It is said that he, even in the present times, reveals his Divine Form to the devout and imparts the sacred knowledge. Devi Khyati is said to be his wife. Shrukracharya, Chyavana, Dhata and Vidhata are his famous sons and Sree – Lakshmi, his daughter. Maharshi Markandeya, Maharshi Aurva, Maharshi Jamdagni and Bhagwan Parshurama – the sixth incarnation of the Bhagwan Narayana, have brought laurels to his clan and were great Rishis in their own right. Bhagwan Dattatreya is said to be his Master.

There are countless references to Maharshi Bhrigu in the puranas and other sacred books wherein he has been portrayed as a self-realised sage. In the Gita, Bhagwan Sri Krishna has declared Maharshi Bhrigu to be His another form (Chapter- X/25) and the same thought has found has its echo in the Elventh Canto of the Bhagwatam. Along with other Rishis, he is known as the father of Astrology, Vaastu and Mantra Vidya. His single most important contribution to the humanity is his unique exposition of the Law of Karma. Sri Vidya is said to be the presiding Deity of his clan and he is also known as the devotee and Guru of Baglamukhi Vidya.

There is a story given in the Tenth Canto of the Bhagwatam that once the wise sages were desirous of performing a great yajna on the banks of sacred saraswati , but they were in a fix as to who, among the famous triad of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahadeva, should be given the headship of the Yajna. Then Devarshi Narada and all other wise sages requested Maharshi Bhrigu to help them get solution to their problem. So Maharshi Bhrigu agreed to take the test of the three Gods. Finding Bhagwan Brahma and Bhagwan Mahadeva not to be measuring up to his expectations, Bhrigu proceeded to the divine abode of Bhagwan Vishnu where he found Him to be reclining on His divine seat of Adishesha with Goddess Lakshmi in attendance. Seeing this, in order to test Bhagwan Vishnu, Bhrigu kicked the Lord in the chest and whereupon the great Lord promptly got up and made salutations to Maharshi Bhrigu and sought his forgiveness for not being able to welcome him. At this, finding the Bhagwan Vishnu to be so polite, patient and caring, Maharshi Bhrigu concluded Bhagwan Vishnu to be the greatest and the most worthy for the lordship of the Yajna and conveyed this to the sages. All sages were happy with this conclusion and accepted it accordingly. This story also finds mention in the Padma Purana and other sacred books.

Maharshi Bhrigu has been called as Mahamuni – The Sage of Silence and hence, ever absorved in the Brahman and Uttamaacharya – The Great Guru. Maharshi Bhrigu Foundation is the result of his inspiration only. And we all pray and surrender ourselves to This Mahamuni and take refuge in His Lotus-Feet so that we may become fit instruments for His Will.