Maharshi Bhrigu Foundation

     With the Grace of Gurudeva Maharshi Bhrigu, Maharshi Bhrigu Foundation was established on the auspicious day of AKSHAYA TRITEEYA and Bhagwan Parshurama Jayanti in the Vikrami Samvat 2070 i.e. 13th of May, 2013, on the banks of Holy Ganga in Haridwar to spread Vedic Culture for the promotion of global Peace, Harmony, Prosperity, Happiness, Compassion and Love through a life imbued with Spirituality, Seva - Selfless-Service and Samskaras - Moral Values for the transformation of one and all.

Maharshi Bhrigu Foundation is a Non-Profit Spiritual and educational organization which draws its inspiration from the ancient Rishi Tradition of Bharat and which has its roots in the Vedas and is inspired from the noble ideas of SARVE BHAVANTU SUKHINAH – May all be happy and prosperous, SARVBHOOTA HITE RATAH – in the Service of one and all and VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM – The world as one family and it intends to re-search the Ancient Knowledge of Bharat and re-establish the Rishi Tradition in modern scientific context.
The Vedas inform us that the ultimate destiny of every Individual Soul is Self realization and Maharshi Bhrigu Foundation endeavours to assist spiritual seekers to achieve their highest potential in the form of Self- realization, which, in fact, is a Journey to Super-conciousness – A Journey Within.
In order to realise the above goals, With the blessings of our Gurudeva Maharshi Bhrigu, we have designed highly scientific yet simple and effective Inner Transformation Programmes for every seeker.

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 Goals and Aims of Maharshi Bhrigu Foundation: 

(01)- To establish Maharshi Bhrigu Ashram - a centre of excellence - in Haridwar and to develop it as the main centre of Maharshi Bhrigu Foundation.
(02)- To establish the Maharshi Bhrigu Centre for research in Spirituality and allied fields and to teach and conduct workshops, Seminars and Spiritual Retreats on the following subjects:-

 (i) Mantra Healing and Mantra Sadhana (ii) The Science of Yajna and its Therapeutic Uses (iii) Vedic Astrology (iv) Vedic Vaastu (v) Yoga and Meditation – Ashtaang Yoga, Hatha Yoga (vi) Kundalini Yoga Sadhana (vii) Spiritual Healings (viii) Sparsha Chikitsa – Touch Therapy (ix) Karuna Spiritual Healing (x) Pranic Healing (xi) Psychic Surgery (xii) Marma Therapy (xiii) Accupressure (xiv) Past Life Regression (xv) Ayurveda (xvi) Naturopathy (xvii) Traditional knowledge of Health and Hygiene (xviii) Alternative and Holistic Therapies (xix) Divine Healing (xx) Tantra and Yantra science (xxi) Aura Study (xxii) Divine Language Sanskrit (xxiii) Veda and Vedanga (xxiv) Upanishads , the Gita and Bhagwatam and other such scriptures with emphasis on their hidden meanings and practical aspects.

(03)- To establish “Maharshi Bhrigu Gurukulam” – A free residential school which seeks to impart ancient Vedic Knowledge along with modern science and having special encouragement for students from economically disadvantaged sections from rural and remote areas.
(04)- To establish “Maharshi Veda Vyasa Vidya Mandir” – A model school for imparting quality education with emphasis on human Values to the students of adjoining areas with free education for all girls and free education for boys from poor background including free mid-day food for all.
(05)- To establish Maharshi Bhrigu Temple and Yajna-Shala.
(06)- To establish Yoga -Meditation Centre.
(07)- To establish Centre for Ayurveda and Holistic Healing including a hospital wherein free treatment to the poor and deserving peoples specialy from far-flung and remote areas.
(08)- To organise various activities in the field of medical care, medical research,health education, training of medical care and health personnel specifically in the field of Ayurvedic and Traditional system of Medicines of Bharat.
(09)- To establish Gaushalas to protect, save and serve GauMata(Mother cows).
(10)- To provide free food in the ashram to all ashramites, devotees, Sadhakas, volunteers, workers, pilgrims, students and visitors etc.
(11)- To establish and maintain Audio-Visual library and reading rooms.
(12)- To undertake the work of publishing of journals, periodicals, magazines, research papers, Books etc. for the propagation of goals of the Foundation and for the use and benefit of everyone.
(13)- To help protect, maintain and develop spiritual and religious places like temples, ashrams, dharamshalas and holy places specially connected with Maharshi Bhrigu and his descendant Rishis.
(14)- To extend medical aid and monetary help to poor and deserving patients.
(15)- To work towards environmental protection and Water conservation.
(16)- To undertake programmes and activities to preserve the herbs and to promote the cultivation of herbs. Also to arrange for the marketing and processing of the herbs in national and international markets.
(17)- To undertake programs and activities to improvise the traditional agricultural practices and promote new trends such as drip irrigation, use of vermin-compost, organic farming etc. in agriculture and horticulture.
(18)- To develop and create awareness about Energy conservation by promoting Non-Conventional source of energy like Solar energy, Wind energy and Micro Hydal energy.
(19)- To establish Computer education and Self-Help Centres for women specially from rural areas.
(20)- To under take Health and Family Welfare Programme and Rural Development Work.
(21)- To organise free Medical camps.
(22)- To help financially in organising the marriages of girls and/or to render any social, moral and financial assistance for betterment of life of any unmarried girl or boy, widow or widower especially from disadvantaged sections of society irrespective of cast, creed, color, religion from time to time.
(23)- To promote spiritual research and studies, and to open spiritual training and Yoga centres for general public and to do everything to make spiritual studies popular amongst the public.
(24)- To give monetary help to disabled, handicapped or blind persons in the form of monthly allowance or gratuities.
(25)- To work, collect funds, maintain, assist in relief measures and establish any institution or Society for the welfare of victims of natural calamities like famine, fire, flood, cyclone, earthquake etc. and / or to provide food and shelter to any needy person or persons from time to time.
(26)- To establish any branches of Maharshi Bhrigu Foundation ashrams in and outside the country, home, institution or Society for inculcation and sustenance of spiritual, moral and cultural values and for all round development and welfare of the community / Society.
(27)- To organise meetings, seminars, symposia, lectures, discourses, conferences, colloquia discussion groups, training courses, workshops, retreats, exchange programs, exhibitions and festivals for the promotion of the objectives of the Foundation.
(28)- To do within the framework of the objects all such other things as may be directly or indirectly conductive or incidental to the attainment or advancement of the aforesaid objectives or any one of them provided that the income and property of the Foundation shall be solely towards the promotion of the objectives of the Foundation.
(29)- To accept donations, raise subscriptions, from the members of the Foundation or other persons, to invest the funds of the Foundation which such individuals, societies, firms or companies, for providing income to the Foundation, on such terms and conditions as may deem proper and necessary for the fulfillment of the aims and objects of the Foundation and to further its interests as enumerated above.
(30)- To give monetary help in the form of monthly allowances or gratuities to carry out the objects of Maharshi Bhrigu Foundation.

In order to achieve the above goals and to establish the Ashram - centre of excellence, we need atleast 15 acres of land in Hardwar and we have already got 1.35 acres of land on the banks of holy Ganga in Hardwar. Again, for acheiving the above goals, help, support and participation of public at large is necessary and for extending any help and Donation Click Here. At present, Maharshi Bhrigu Foundation has its research centre known as Bhrigu Jyotisha Evam Prachya Vidya Shodha Kendra at Dehradun (Bharat).

Let us join the Rishis of yore in wishing everyone a life full of happiness and fulfillment:

Sarve bhavantu sukhinah sarve santu niramayah !
Sarve bhadrani pashyantu ma kashchidduhkhabhag bhavet !!
Om Shantih! Shantih! Shantih!!

May all be happy! May all be hale and hearty!
May all have good things in life! May no one come to greif!!
Om Peace! Peace! Peace!!