About Mantra

A Mantra is a sacred formula of sound vibrations – sound energy of enormous power used to activate our vital centres in subtle and causal bodies to dissolve our karmic obligations – past lives karmas which leads to controlling and overcoming our sufferings and brings peace, happiness and prosperity in one’s life. This sacred formula has been handed down from generation to generation in a spiritual tradition in Bharat since time immemorial. If recited as many times as possible every day for an extended period of time leads to Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual well-being apart from having wonderful powers to calm the mind.
It has been said in the Veda “Mananaata traayate iti mantrah !“ – the recitation of which protects us from problems is called a Mantra. And the same idea finds mention in Tantra as “Mananam Vishwavijnanam traanam sansaarbandhanaat yatah karoti sansidhim Mantra ityuchte tah !” – ‘Mananam’ denotes knowledge both mundane as well as spiritual, whereas ‘Traanam’ signifies going beyond the problems of one’s life; hence, the bestower of both ‘Mananam’ and Traanam’ is called Mantra.
It has also been said in our ancient books “Naadaadhinam Jagat Sarvam” – ‘Naadaa’ – The Sound pulsation is the basis of this universe and in other words, this Cosmos is influenced and controlled by the sound.
As we now know and as we repeatedly saying that whole cosmos is evolved from sound. Sound is the property of space – ether element which is the subtlest among all five elements and this is the only property which is found in all the five elements. Thus Sound - Mantra is most powerful tool which enable us to rise through the levels of manifestation back to the source i.e. self realization. That’s why we integrated Mantra in all our Inner Transformation Programmes.


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