Karuna Spiritual Healing

Karuna Spiritual Healing involves the powerful symbols, which works at very subtle level and heals upto cellular and DNA levels. In KSH these symbols are integrated with breathing techniques and special Mantra(s) to heal the issue at more subtle level i.e. Karma level, which is the main cause of all problems.
These symbols are the power house of positive universal energy. Cosmic energy is stored in crystalline form in these symbols. As we invoke these symbols, the cosmic energy stored in them is transferred within our body /system and starts healing and rejuvenating our system immediately. These symbols have their own consciousness and works automatically. And further with the integration and invocation of the Mantra(s), it heals at more deeper levels upto our causal body, to transform ourselves.
Learn Karuna Spiritual Healing to heal the issue at Cellular, DNA and Karma level. Experience positive changes with compassion, happiness and peace in your “Health, Relationship and Career” as well as transform yourself spiritually.
Originaly these symbols are evolved at the time of ‘Sagar Manthana’ – the great churning of the ocean and taken out by the Lord Dhanwantri, the God of Ayurveda and Healing. From then it came to Sages, then passed on to Sidhhas and yogis of yore and then further passed on to Spiritual Masters and practitioners of different time era.
It is also said that Sai Baba also used these symbols and learnt from Mahayogis of the Himalayas.
Also in this modern time these symbols are passed on to some Spiritual Masters and practitioners in different places, specially in Himalayan region. But Reiki Grand Master Wiliam L. Rand was the one who revealed it to all spiritual seekers and developed a system, called Karuna Reiki, to use it for general public. He got these symbols in deep meditation.
Duration – 1 Day, 5-7 hrs.




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