Mantra Healing Sadhana Foundation

In this workshop you will learn –
(i) what is a Mantra?
(ii) Types of Mantra?
(iii) Mantras in Veda,Purana and Tantra?
(iv) what are Beeja Mantras?
(v) What is a Mala Mantra?
(vi) What is Mantra Keelan and Utakeelan?
(vii) Need of Mantra activation?
(viii) What is Mantra Initiation and its need?
(ix) How a Mantra works and Right method of performing Mantra healing and sadhana?
(x) Right technique of performing puja – offerings ceremony , externally as well as internally for a particular deity with special Mantra(s).
(xi) Is Puja necessary ? – Necessity of a Puja?
(xii) Types of Puja – Offerings ceremony?
(xiii) How to Recite a Mantra and types of recitation?
(xiv) Is it necessary to connect Mantra with our breathing – the right method?
(xv) Navagraha – Nine Planetary Mantras and its effects?
(xvi) Special Mantras for Health, Wealth,Prosperity and Education?
(xvii) Special powerful Mantra for Karma deletion?
(xviii) Technique of Mantra Meditation?






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