Psychic Surgery

Like Karuna Spiritual Healing, Psychic Surgery also involves the powerful symbol(s), which works at very subtle level and heals upto cellular and mind levels. These symbol(s) are the power house of positive universal energy. Cosmic energy is stored in crystalline form in these symbols. As we invoke these symbols, the cosmic energy stored in them is transferred within our body /system and starts healing and rejuvenating our system immediately. And further with the integration and invocation of the Special Mantra(s), it heals at more deeper levels and accelerate the healing process to transform ourselves.

Most of us are leaving in the ocean of negative thoughts in and around us. It is scientifically proven that in a day, on an average approximately sixty thousands thoughts comes in our mind, out of which 90% are negative. So most of the time knowingly or unknowingly we are collecting and absorbing this negative energy in our mind. Research also shows that most of the problems or health issues are due to negative thought processes, negative or supressed emotions in our mind. Scientific Study says that the origin of 90% problems is psychosomatic.

So in this era of technology, as we remove the viruses (negativity) and update our softwares of mobiles or computers or other electronic gadgets, same way we must remove all negativity from our mind and update our mind as well with all positive universal energy. The technique of Psychic Surgery teaches us how to update and store all positivity in our mind to make it more stable, happy and peaceful.
Learn Psychic Surgery to solve Medical as well as Non-Medical problems with permanent relief. You can heal and cure all diseases including B.P., Asthmas, Cancer, skin problems, hormonal misbalances and all psychosomatic problems. Also you can address all your Financial, carrier and other personal issues with this unique healing technique (non-invasive).
In this modern time Dr. Mikao Usuai Sensei (Master Usuai) from Japan developed this technique who is the founder of Reiki system in early 20th century through his research in Sanskrit texts of antique Buddhist Sutras.

Duration – 1 day, 4-6 hrs.


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