Samskritam - The Divine Language

Duration - 300 Hrs
The divine language Sanskrit is the concrete base of all Indian sciences which originally are composed in Sanskrit. Every word of Sanskrit expresses substantial, spiritual and celestial meanings. Therefore simple translations are never sufficient and satisfactory. The Sanskrit grammar is usually taught requiring many laborious hours of pure memorization during 12 years. It frightens many would be enthusiasts. Now Acharya Dr. Vagish Shastri has simplified this arduous task of memorization through the Mnemonic Technique. It makes what once was tedious and boring now a delight. This unique invention of this technique is found from Rigvedic source through Vagyoga. The many hours of memorization have been reduced to minimum because this technique simply utilizes the natural production of the sound and language. The Vagyoga Technique is dependent upon understanding the instrinsic logic of the Sanskrit language through principles and law of sound vibration indicated in earlier Vedic literature. The students desirous in Veda, Vedanta, Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, Astrology, Spiritualism, Paninian grammar, Linguistics, Pali, Prakrit and Hindi languages, are successfully reading, writing and musically chanting hymns and Mantras within 300 hours.



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