About Vedic Vastu

Vaastu Shastra – the traditional science of design, building and architecture in Bharat of Vedic origin is the science of balancing and enhancing energy through management of five basic elements – Panch Mahabhutas (Sky-Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth), 16 directions, Solar energy, Earth’s Magnetic field and Gravitational force in and around a building, a site or a place to bring good health, prosperity and happiness to its occupants.

The word vaastu is derived from the samskrit root “Vas” which means ‘to reside’. Vaastu in samskrit means place of dwelling and originates from the Vedas.

OM Vaastoshpate Pratijaneehaya Smaantswaveshoanmeevo Bhawaanah ! Yatve Mahe Prati Tanno Jushaswa Shanno Bhave Dwipade Sham Chatushpade !!
OM Vaastoshpate Pratrano Naedhigayasaphano Gobhirashvebhirindo !
Ajrasaste Sakhya Sthaampiteva Putraanpratino Jusha Swa Shanno Bhave Dwipade Sham Chatushpade !!
(from Rigveda)

“Oh Vastoshpati Deva – The God of Vaastu, please protect and nurture us human beings and our animal wealth like a father provides safety, convenience and abode.”
The Rigvedas imbibe the principles of construction. It has also been mentioned (chapter 2/41/5) that the foremost king and his council of ministers reside in a house made up of a thousand pillars. The Atharva veda have described the nature of Hutments, Conference halls, Granaries, Guest rooms, Yajnashalas etc.. The vedic sutra literature lays down the method of constructing Mandapams and Vedikas.
Our great ancient Rishis – Sages developed such a great technique of Vaastu, which lays down the principles, rules and laws for Vaastu in accordance with the natural laws of universe for the betterment of the mankind to bring peace, prosperity and happiness in one’s life. The technique of Vaastu extends its horizon to unfold the highest potential underlying inside human beings to transform their life through “Purushartha Chatushtaya” –

i.e. Dharma – righteousness, Artha – wealth, Kaama – Desires and Moksha – Salvation or enlightenment by providing such an living environment to attain the goals of this four-fold path of vedic lifestyle. Rishis have developed rules for achieving total harmony with nature and humans at physical, mental and environmental levels in vaastu designs. This relates to various aspects from micro-macro level of designs and plans of accessories, furnitures, rooms, house, site, roads, town, city or region.
In our Vedic, Pauranic and Aagam scriptures many Acharyas – Master of Vaastu are mentioned. According to Matsaya Purana ‘Maharshi Bhrigu’ is the first founder Acharya – Guru or Master of vaastu among the 18 Acharyas described. Other Acharyas are Maharshi Atri, Maharshi Vashishtha, Maharshi Vishwakarma, Maya, Devarshi Naarada, Nagnajit, Vishalaksha, Purander, Brahma, Kumar, Nandish, Maharshi Shaunak, Maharshi Garg, Vaasudeva, Anirudha, Maharshi Shukracharya and Deva Guru Brihaspati.
Vaastu is not merely a space management but more deeply an energy management. It’s a science that establishes harmony between man and nature. If one is in equilibrium with the five elements, then the laws of nature help in maintaining the balance and the smooth flow of energy that are required for any activity. The five basic elements exist not only inside us but around us too. It not only lays down the principles governing the construction of the place but is also a manifestation of energy into material form.

Maya, the greatest architect of Mahabharata times, designed and build Indraprastha(capital of pandvas) incorporating all the update layout, wide roads, Raja Prasadas – Royal Palaces, fountains, water facilities and drainage system. “Maya Sabha” designed and built by the great architect ‘Maya’ was majestic manifestation of the ultra imaginative structure of beautiful fairy like royal palace.

Bhagwan Vishwakarma was the Vaastukaar – The architect of Gods.
Even though vaastu shastra has its origin in the Vedas, it has evolved over the ages and is as adaptable to modern day construction and living patterns as it was thousands of years ago. The traditional form of vaastu shastra is found reflected in the architectural and sculptural expressions of temples, forts, palaces, town and city layout of ancient Bharat. Today it is re-emerging and the benefits of this spiritual science is widely applied in the design and construction of residential, commercial, Industrial and religious buildings.

Vaastu is a similar science for construction of a place as Medical science for human body. The right application of vaastu clears our building of illness, keeps it healthy and helps keep diseases – negative energies at bay. Merely possessing the modern day utilities, furniture, gadgets etc. will not ensure happiness. What makes the difference is how they are positioned vis-à-vis the ‘five elements & natural forces’ in order to generate positive energy and bring health, wealth, prosperity, happiness and all round well-being.

Vedic Vaastu is divided into 2 parts.:-
(i) Vedic Vaastu (Foundation)
(ii) Vedic Vaastu (Advance)


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