Yajna-Vijnan & Healing (The Science of Fire Worship)

About Yajna Vijnan

Yajna is a process whereby the subtle energy present in the matter is harnessed with the help of thermal energy(Fire) and sound energy(Mantra). This energy is best used by our subtle bodies to balance subtle energies inside. So it is a science of Inner Perfection and a journey from Gross to the Subtle.

The Rishis have declared “Ayam Yajne Vishwasya Bhuvanasya Naabhihi” (Atharva Veda 9/15/14). It means that source of energy of this cosmos is in the Yajna. Sri Krishna has also stressed the importance of yajna when he says “Sahayajnaahaa prajaahaa purovaacha prajapatihi, Anaina prasavishvadhwamesha vestvishtakaamadhuka.”(Bhagwad Gita 3/10). It means that at the beginning of Kalpa Brahma, having created yajnas and living beings, advised them to grow and propagate with the help of yajnas as they will fulfill your wishes. Through the performance of yajnas, become abundantly prosperous.

Vedic Rishis who were realized souls and wisdom-houses, have invented this wonderful process of yajna for bringing fulfillment to mundane and spiritual life of human beings apart from preserving the environment.

Yajna is the central concept of the Vedic tradition. The word yajna comes from the root “Yaj” which means to worship, to honour, to sacrifice or offer an oblation to the gods. On a smaller level, yajna is called ‘Homa’ or ‘Agnihotra’. Yajnas can be performed outwardly in a ritual form or they can be performed inwardly or mentally within one’s mind. In ritual form of yajna offerings with the help of Mantra, are made in the sacrificial fire and the presiding deity of fire reaches the offerings to the gods who aid in the spiritual unfoldment of the human beings, apart from giving material prosperity to them and preserving the environment, which, in fact, is the one of biggest challenges confronting the modern world.

In the modern language, Yajnas can be called as Fire-labs, which are used for removing obstacles bringing prosperity in the world. “The Gods, being pleased by the sacrifice, will please the humans. Prosperity will be created by the mutual co-operation of man and the Gods through yajnas.” (Bhagwad Gita – 3/11).

Duration – 1 Day


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